Send drawings of profiles and dimensions; or pictures of original construction, if available, and we will provide a quotation to fabricate.  
Detroit Cornice and Slate Building - (Detroit)

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97 Winder Street - (Detroit)


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Elaborate ornate cornice fabricated in our shop of 28 gauge paint grip galvanized metal. Fabrication and installation took months to complete, but will last another 100 years with proper maintenance.
Vernor & Junction (Detroit)

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This quaint little neighborhood store front was brought back with the addition of this cornice with its clean simple lines installed and painted to match the original.
Rocky Peanuts (Eastern Market - Detroit)

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Restoration consisted of fabrication of a replacement cornice and repairing the wainscot area of this icon of Eastern Market.
Howard Block (Port Huron)

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The Howard Block Building in downtown Port Huron has housed many of the cities small businesses over it's 114-year-old history. The building typifies Victorian commercial architecture, and has undergone many incarnations to become the first in a series of downtown Port Huron buildings to undergo historic restoration. Many of the ornate window cornices had been removed and discarded when the building facade was completely paneled over to "modernize" it. The few cornices that had been left in place provided our craftsmen with a pattern to fabricate new to match the existing - exactly.

Inns on Ferry Street (Detroit)


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The ornate wood cornice could not economically be reproduced. Our sheet metal shop duplicated it using an incredible 26 breaks and 3 rolls in each piece to recreate this cornice. Once soldered together and painted white, it was an exact duplicate of the old cornice at an affordable price.


Water Works Park (Detroit)


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This cornice is not just ornamentation, it houses the entire built-in gutter system for this building. Large enough for a person to take a bath in, this gutter is hung on heavy iron hidden cradles that are cemented into the brick walls and fastened as in the original construction.


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