Ste. Anne's Cupola (Detroit)

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High atop old Ste. Anne's, the cupola had been badly buffeted by the elements through the years.  The deteriorated wood cupola was painstakingly copied and replaced then painted in its entirety.
St. Hedwig's Towers (Detroit)

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An 80 ton crane, with a 110' boom, plus intricate, elaborate scaffolding were required to replace the copper Bermuda Style roofing systems on the towers of St. Hedwig.  The ornamental pinnacles were removed, bullet holes patched, hail dents hammered out on iron "stakes" as old as the church.  The pinnacles were then resoldered and repositioned on the finial tops.
Scripps Estate - "Guest House" (Lake Orion)

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Water was destroying the ornate circular staircase at the old Scripps summer estate in Lake Orion.  New lead coated copper saddles, step flashing, gutters and slate restoration was performed in the area.  A large 150# lead scupper box had fallen and been disposed of. To replicate this, another was removed (along with a lead lion's head spigot) and transported to our shop where molds were made and new lead was poured to duplicate the originals.
Gem Theatre (Detroit)

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This entire project was one man's dream. Chuck Forbes undertook to move and restore this beautiful old building. Part of our history has been preserved.  Our contribution was to provide tile roofing, copper, structural members, dentils, brackets and coping in historically acceptable matching components.
Niles City Hall (Niles, Mi)

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The "Chapin House" received a coat of glorious colors representative of the era.  The slate roofs of the house and carriage house were repaired.  The entire ornamental ridge cap (which resembles monkeys cavorting across the ridge) was duplicated in our shop and installed.  Many years ago a cupola that straddled the ridge was disposed of.  Unfortunately, this cupola served as the only roof vent for the soil stacks.  Original pictures were enlarged and a new cupola was constructed in our shop with all the matching ornamentations and it was restored to its proper place.
Detroit Zoological Welcoming Center (Royal Oak)

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This elegant old icon of the Detroit Zoological park used to be the bird sanctuary.  Time had taken its toll on the mullions holding the glass in place.  It was time to repair this elegant old building.  Each piece of glass had to be painstakingly removed and replaced.
Historic First Congregational Church (Detroit)

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The angel Uriel had broken loose and spun around to turn "her" back on casino gambling.  However, when "her" wings started to flap, Father quipped that they "feared they would have a fallen woman in their midst."  The 8' copper angel was carefully removed and transported to our shop.  We patched the bullet holes, removed dents, reinforced the wings, and re-soldered all seams.  An application of patina solution was spread on the shiny new copper so the repaired areas would blend and the beautiful angel was reinstalled to watch over the city once again.
Ypsilanti Historical Water Tower (Ypsilanti)

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When does scaffolding cost more than the roof? ..... When you have to reach 147 foot to get to the top! The 18" machine cut red cedar shingles were fastened using 2" stainless steel staples.



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