John Dingell V.A Administration Hospital (Detroit)

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Beautiful, colorful, bright, airy and spacious.  The building is topped with upper areas of white mopped down Cooley System and the lower roofs of a four ply asphalt system with gravel surfacing.  The interstitial areas are 12' high and contain all the air, gas, oxygen, communication, etc. requirements of a large hospital.
University Of Detroit Commerce &
Finance and Riley Hall

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The colorful beauty of the clay tile roofing conceals the practical flat roof areas behind.
Ameritech Building (Detroit)

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Elegant design on this Detroit landmark put us 24 stories in the air with asbestos monitoring and bagging of removal of existing.  The bags were hoisted by lativator to a higher area, lowered into large boxes built on the adjoining roof and removed by Environmental Technologies during the night.  Hundreds of units, stacks, wires and antenna bases covered the roof area.  A challenging project!

Dakota High School (Macomb)

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The Striking red metal roof is the only impression you get when approaching the school.  However, as large an area again covers the balance of the school.  The built-up Allied Signal Coal Tar roofing system protects the flat roof areas of the school.

Oakland Towne Square-Phase 1 (Southfield)

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Imposing glass enclosed structure 22 stories high.  We brought in a tower crane to get all material to the roof levels from 19 up.  The Goodyear (Versico) EPDM system was completed prior to completion dates.
International Terminal - Metro Airport (City)

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Coal Tar Pitch - dead of winter - tight security - one set up area - and a city block to travel on the roof with luggers of "hot."  Another challenge - met!!


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