Dakota High School (Macomb)
DC&S installed a built-up roof and a striking standing seam metal roof with a Kynar 500 finish on the Dakota High School for which they received the "Design of Excellence" award in 1994.  Some of these custom panels were 75' in length.  A 50' spreader bar was designed and fabricated in order to get these extra long panels up to the roof without bending.
University of Michigan - Lurie Engineering Bldg
(Ann Arbor)

The sheet metal superintendent figured it would take 13,808 clips (if you didn't drop one) to secure the panels to this roof.  The panels were fabricated in our shop consuming over 30 tons of copper.  The lower pods were unusual as they consisted of 2 flat sides, 1 concave side, and 1 convex side.

Gem Theatre (Detroit)
From the ground, what is most visible is the red tile roof.  In reality, most of the roof is copper standing seam with a large copper saddle, all of which was fabricated in our sheet metal shop.  The copper cornice/fascia is unusual.  Every 10' removed weighed at least 80 lbs - 40lbs of galvanized and 40lbs of bird "miscellany."  The new cornice was built to avoid providing commodious bird habitats.
Cherokee Elementary School (Macomb)
DC&S installed a built-up roof system and an extensive mansard metal roof on this new school.  The 1993 "Design of Excellence" award was received for this project.
McMichael Middle School (Detroit)
The metal was "MICROZINC" by Ball Metal and was newly introduced.  It proved to be extremely difficult to fabricate in cold temperatures do to fracturing.  Heat applied to the brake and the metal, however, produced a striking addition to the city's landscape.
Kirk-In-The Hills Church (Bloomfield Hills)
The majesty of the white limestone church and towers is imposing in its' grandeur. Pinnacles, finials, weather vane and angel all contribute to the aura of peace.  A flat seam lead coated copper roof was installed on the church 40 yrs ago and is still protecting the beauty of the interior.  The recent repairs of the stone on the Carillon Tower provided us with the opportunity to "climb 150' up the circular stairways" for installation of new lead coated copper scuppers, coping, roof areas, and flashing in the area of stone replacement.  The rooster atop the vane was designed and fabricated in our shop and still turns above the bells.
Rochester Hills Library (Rochester Hills)
In the winter when the leaves are off the trees, the beauty of the library is visible from the approach on the hill south of town.  The teal colored roof is so striking in the setting and the batten seam roof design provides architectural interest to the project.
Oakland University Science & Tech Building
(Auburn Hills)
Barely visible from the ground level, the lofty areas of curved standing seam metal roofing grace the Oakland University Tech Building.
Sacred Heart Seminary (Detroit)
The long-lasting beauty and durability of copper is often concealed from view. Copper decks, saddles, and accessories protect the beauty of the interior of low slope roof areas at the Seminary.


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