Private Residence (Bloomfield Hills)

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Elegance and functionality are combined to provide a blended beauty of materials.  Some have stood the test of time and others are constructed of modern material designed to appear baronial.
Ste. Anne De Beaupre Catholic Church (Detroit)

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Ste. Anne's congregation celebrated their anniversary as the oldest church in the City of Detroit.  We are very proud to have worked on the restoration of the building.  A new slate roof with alternate courses in a "fishscale" pattern with new copper accessories.  Extensive customized carpentry was undertaken to replace areas of deterioration. A final coat of paint was applied to restore its' lustre.

St. Vincents Catholic Church (Pontiac)

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Matching the beauty of the original roofing was challenging and rewarding.  The church is an integral and important part of so many lives, that projects must be done to restore not change.  The bands of green in the black slate roof matched the original system.  Over 38,000 corners were clipped on the jobsite to provide the "fishscale" style slate of the original roof.  The auxiliary buildings on the back of the rectory were shingled with green "bands" of contrasting shingle to provide a similar effect as that of the slate on the church.

Livingston County Courthouse (Howell)

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Walt Whitman said "The two, the past and the present, have interchanges, I myself as connector......."  As a poet is a connector with the past, so are the people who preserve and restore the buildings of our history.  We are fortunate to have been chosen as the contractor to replace the roof during the restoration of the Courthouse.   We have singe been called on to restore areas of copper roofing at the Clock Tower and to maintain the system.

Guardian Angel Cemetery Administration Bldg
(Oakland Township)

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  Tricky to install ... but beautiful to look at is the graduated slate roof.  By graduated, they mean the roof edge begins with large slabs of slate and the pieces "gradually" get smaller as they progress to the top.  Sorting the various sizes and colors takes a lot of time .... but the results are spectacular!  
Christ Church (Grosse Pointe)

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  A large addition built on this beautiful church was a challenge to all the contractors.  Of special note were the canoe valleys installed by our craftsmen.  Blended colors and graduated thicknesses provide for a smooth transition between new and old.  The ornamental copper scupper boxes on the original church were duplicated in our metal shop.  
Sacred Heart Seminary (Detroit)

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  The seminary was built circa 1924 in what is called "Collegiate Gothic" style.  The materials were the very finest and have stood the test of time.  DC & S has provided expertise for repairs and replacement to preserve the beauty and integrity of the slate and copper roofing systems.  
Inns on Ferry Street (Detroit)

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  This 6.5 million venture was spearheaded by two non-profit groups - the University Cultural Center Association and the Founders Society of Detroit Institute of Arts.  They collaborated to save four historic mansions and two carriage houses near the Cultural Center and turn them into bed-and-breakfast inns.  Because of the extensive work needed on these houses, and the limited funds available, only repairs to the existing slate roof could be done at this time.  


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